ZOK Demin Water

Free from impurities and contaminants

ZOK Water

Our Water Formula: demineralised water manufactured using the Reverse Osmosis process.

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) process is an extremely successful way of demineralising water by passing it through a fine ‘RO membrane’ under pressure, leaving the impurities and contaminants on one side and the ‘purified’ water on the other.

Regular quality control testing ensures that ZOK demineralised water meets, or exceeds, the relevent standards for Gas Turbine washing / rinsing and thrust augmentation.

Typical Conductivity: < 10 uS / cm

Availability: Pack Sizes


210 Litre Drum
55.5 US Gallons


1,000 Litre IBC
264 US Gallons

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